Ray Guy 2017 Camp at Merrillville, Indiana

The Ray Guy Camp at Merrillville, Indiana Rankings and Results: #1 Kicker and Kickoff Specialist:  Masen Beck, 2018 #1 Punter, Kicker Punter Combo and Punter Kickoff Specialist:  Richard Lohmeyer, III, 2018 #1 Long Snapper:  Ronald Gaines III, 2018 Camp Competition...
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The Ray Guy Chicago / Merrillville 2016 Camp Results below: #1 Kicker, Punter, Kicker Punter Combo, Punter Kickoff Specialist and Kickoff Specialist:  Chase Neal, Class of 2019, Indiana #1 Long Snapper:  Hunter MacDonald, Class of 2019, Indiana Camp Competition...
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Merrillville / Chicago 2015 Results

Ray Guy Merrillville / Chicago 2015 Results: #1 Kicker, Punter, Kicker Punter Combo, Punter Kickoff Specialist, and Kickoff Specialist:  Zac Mirabelli, 2015 #1 Long Snapper:  Mark Alvarado, 2019 Merrillville / Chicago Camp Competition Results: Long...
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