Florida Tampa, FL 2019 Camp Rankings

The Ray Guy Tampa Mini-Camp 2019 Rankings: #1 Kicker, Kicker Punter Combo, Punter Kickoff Combo and Kickoff Specialist: Nicholas Iovino, Class of 2020, Florida #1 Punter: Matthew Werd, Class of 2021, Florida Gatorade G Award Winner: Sullivan Maley, Florida, Class of 2021
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The Ray Guy Camp at Jacksonville, Florida Winter 2018-19 Rankings and Results! #1 Kicker: Tucker Reape, Florida, Class of 2021 #1 Punter, Kicker Punter Combo and Punter Kickoff Specialist: Will Henne, Florida, Class of 2022 #1 Kickoff Specialist: Owen Evans,...
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Jacksonville Ray Guy Winter Camp Results!

Ray Guy Jacksonville, Florida Results and Camp Competition: William Przystup (Class of 2018, Florida) was the top ranked athlete in all kicking categories!  William was the #1 Kicker, Punter, Kicker Punter Combo, Punter Kickoff Specialist and Kickoff Specialist!!...
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