Ray Guy National Kicking Championship winners 2016

Kickers, Punters, and Long Snappers have the opportunity to compete with the nation’s top prospects at any Ray Guy event across the country. Our National Kicking Championship Series is a year long competition that progresses from January through December....
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“Powerful” Evan Legassey wins Ray Guy National Kicking / Punting Competition for 2nd straight year!

Evan Legassey – Kicker / Punter – (2017 class) from J.M. Tate High School (FL) has won the 2016 Ray Guy National Championship for the 2nd year in a row! He finished the 2016 year-long competition ranked as the nation’s #1 Kicker / Punter Combo as well as...
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2015 National Kicking Championship Winners Announced

     2015 National Kicking Championship Winners           SCHOLARSHIP DIVISION Kicker – Eric Silvester – New York Punter – Eric Silvester – New York Long Snapper – Hundley McCurry – South Carolina Kicker / Punter Combo...
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